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Whether you are in need of assistance for Maid (Domestic Helper) Consult, Maid Permit Application and Renewal, Manpower Resources, Foreign Worker and Labor Supply, Malaysia Work Permit (Visa) Application and Renewal, Foreign Worker Registration, Permit Application and Renewal or the RTK (Recalibration Programme). Grand Peninsula Visa Consultancy, we covered all.

Our Major Consultation Services

Maid Agency

The outstanding Maid Agency in Johor Bahru who helps to settle your Maid issues. We provide One-Stop Services for our client with the settlement of all application procedures for you. 

Manpower Resources

As a professional Manpower Resources Management and Labor Supply Agency in Johor Bahru, we are also providing the foreign worker arrangement services for our client.

Recalibration Programme (RTK)

Labor Recalibration also known as Rekalibrasi Tenaga Kerja in Johor Bahru, which is to help the employer to transform their illegal foreign workers to legal worker and Grand Peninsula Visa Consultancy is ready to help to settle your workers issues.

Permit Renewal

As a professional visa consultancy agent in Johor Bahru, Grand Peninsula are always ready to help to solve all immigration issues that you might facing. We provide an alternative and easier way for you to get rid from these complicated application and renewal procedures for your Malaysia permit. 

Still having trouble on your application?

We are here to help. As most of our clients facing few of the same issue.
Over years of experience and network within Johor Bahru Visa Consultant Agents are ready to assist you in Peninsula Visa Consultancy.

Our Job is to solving your problem whenever you are looking professional to your foreign workers / maid visa and permit application approved.
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